Our Services

Pramod Audio Lab is a perfect studio to meet your specific needs and equipped with Hi-End equipments, quality microphones, audio signal processors. We have two good acoustic rooms for vocals and instruments a good spaces control room with good seating area. Best place for track mixing, Voices Over Projects, Jingles, Demo CD, Language Translation Services, Recordings for Schools & Colleges, Corporate and Commercial projects.

Audio Recording

First Class
  1. Scripting
  2. Music Composition
  3. Music Recording
  4. Music Direction
  5. Voice Dubbing
  6. Editing
  7. Voice Mixing
  8. Mastering Audio
  9. Karaoke
  10. CD Replication/Duplication
  11. Loops and Sample
  12. IVR Recording
  13. Audio Tape and Vinyl to Digital Audio CD Conversations

Channel Management

Second Training

We are YouTube channel setup and management service provider in Jodhpur, India. Setup and managing YouTube channel is time consuming, shooting and editing alone can stand as too much for some.

Our channel management performs everything technical for your YouTube channel. We will optimize your videos titles, tags and descriptions for increasing your videos’ potential. We also makes sure your channel stays up to date and active, and manage your playlists on regular basis keep your subscriber enage and take interest in your channel's content.

  1. Our services include:
  2. YouTube Channel Setup
  3. Customized Channel Design
  4. YouTube Channel Background Design
  5. Video Uploads on Channel
  6. Adding Channel Subscribers
  7. Increasing Channel Likes
  8. Optimized Video Titles & Descriptions
  9. Optimized Video Tags & Thumbnails
  10. Campaign strategy development
  11. Video production and film shooting
  12. Content and Audience Targeting
  13. Maximizing your video potential.

Audio & Video Copyright

Third Class

Copyright Registration is necessary to protect the creators, creative work such as music, audio and video works. Copyright Registration of Creative work Protects your Creativity from being Stolen or Duplicated, and gives you a Confirmed Legal Right over your creation.

Video Advertisments

Fourth Training

Our video advertisement services fulfill all your need to create a powerful and potential video for all kind of media video platforms like TV Channels, Video Hoarding & Kiosks, Social Media Platfomrs like YouTube, Instagram TV and much more.

You can use these ads to appear across a large selection of websites, mobile apps, and video content.